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In Honour of Moshe Amar Z”L

About us

In Honour of Moshe Amar Z”L

Mezuzah Montreal's mission is to provide every Jewish home in Montreal
access to a handwritten Mezuzah and installation. Convenient and
hassle-free. First Mezuzah is on us!

The growing presence of antisemitism and its escalation with the recent war in Israel has caused concern with many in our community, fearing the public display of Jewish identity amid growing demonstrations. However, the Jewish response to fighting darkness is by shining the light of Judaism brighter than ever before! The Mezuzah Mtl Campaign was born from this intense need to strengthen the public Jewish presence of our community while increasing our spiritual security across Montreal and beyond. The Mezuzah is a symbol of Jewish pride and identity, and serves as protection for the home and its inhabitants.

Mezuzah Mtl makes the process of affixing a Mezuzah on your doorpost easy and convenient. Simply place an order, schedule an appointment and a Rabbi will show up at your home to install your Mezuzahs. And the best part is, the first Mezuzah is on the house, literally!

If you already have Mezuzahs on your doors, schedule a pickup for your Mezuzahs to be checked by a scribe. They’ll be dropped off within 48 hours, Kosher and ready to protect your home and proclaim your Judaism for all to see.

A Message From The RebbePlus

The present situation calls for the protection of every Jewish home. True protection is that which only G‑d provides, as it is written, "G‑d guards the city." To ensure this Divine guardianship, the home has to be conducted in all aspects according to G‑d's will. Then the home is also an abode for the Shechinah (G‑d's Presence), in accordance with His promise, "I will dwell among them." In addition to this, G‑d has given our people a special gift wherewith to protect the home, namely, the Mitzvah of Mezuzah. Our Sages declare explicitly that "the home is protected by it (the Mezuzah)."

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